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Our goal is to constantly create and update the content for this section for our current projects. Please stop by again and check our progress. Thank you for your interest!

The following images are a series of before, during and after construction photographs for this project. Paradise By Design, Inc. was retained to perform Hardscape Design, Landscape Planting Design, Irrigation Design and Construction Observation. The landscape and irrigation contractor for the project was Ted Michel of Practical Gardening Services, Inc. Ted Michel can be reached at (727) 542-6659.

This project is currently under construction. In addition to the Hardscape Plan, Paradise By Design, Inc. was retained to provide Landscape Plans, Irrigation Plans and Construction Observation services.

The following images were taken March 2009 at the initiation of the design phase of the project.

Photograph of the residence prior to commencement of the project. Please note the absence of an underground automatic irrigation system.

Another photograph of the existing site conditions.

View of the entry prior to commencement of work.

View of the front and side yards prior to the commencement of work.

The following photographs were taken at the end of May 2009. The landscape preparation work has been completed along with the installation of the palm trees.

Currently under construction. Hardscape has been installed. Site is being prepared and the palm trees have been planted.

Front entry planter with multi-trunked Foxtail Palm. Flags in the photograph mark locations for the irrigation system. This photo was taken in the afternoon. Nature's bonus: really cool shadow patterns on the facade of the residence.

View of the front entry from a slightly different angle.

Right hand side of the residence with walkway to the backyard. Driveway is in the foreground of the picture. Note the riser (step)  below the walkway (beyond) which helps define the vehicular use area from the pedestrian space.

Close-up of the riser detail which actually conceals an existing concrete header curb. The same pavers for the project were used to face the old curb and create the appearance of an intended step-up.

Walkway to the backyard. Nice gentle curving path.

Detail of the walkway with 6"x9" solder course border with 6"x9" and 6"x6" pavers set in a diagonal "T" pattern.

View of the screened porch along the rear of the residence. Note: same paving and pattern was used throughout the project to create unity and blend the outdoor and indoor environments.

The following photographs were taken at the beginning of June 2009.

Landscape is starting to take shape! Although this is not the exact same angle as the photograph above, it is a dramatic difference with the addition of the plant materials.

The addition of the "Oil Jar" planters on each side of the doorway help frame the entrance to the residence. The rustic colors of the planters add contrast which helps them stand out against the house.

The "Oil Jar" planters have irrigation emitters installed in them. All of the piping has been concealed. This is an absolute "win-win" scenario for this homeowner.

An arbor over the walkway leading to the backyard is planned for this area. The arbor will be planted with the Passion Flower Vine.

The following photographs were taken during the middle of June 2009.

One step closer to completion. An automatic underground irrigation system and the sod has installed. The source of the irrigation supply for this project is reclaimed water.

Another angle of the newly installed sod for the front yard. The use of reclaimed water for this project will mean that no potable drinking water will be used for irrigation.

A thick layer of Pine straw mulch has been added to the planting beds.

One step closer to completion. The landscape contractor has installed the sod in the backyard and pine straw mulch in all of the planting beds.

Walkway to the backyard with newly installed plant materials, irrigation system, and sod.

View of the screened porch with completed landscape and irrigation in the background.

View of the completed backyard.

View of the completed backyard from the reverse angle.

The following photographs were taken the second week of July, 2009. The landscape has been in for a little over a month.

Note the addition of the arbor on the right hand side of the residence.

View of the arbor from an a slightly different angle.

View of the arbor from the back yard looking towards the front yard.

Fence and gate has been installed on the side of the residence for privacy and screening.

Close up view of the fence and gate. Note the gate has been installed on the wrong side and shall be corrected by the fence contractor. As installed, the swing of the gate opens out towards you in this photograph. This forces one to back up as they open the gate. Very inconvenient.

We'll be updating these photographs as the landscape and irrigation are installed so check back here later to see the progress.

Paradise By Design, Inc. was retained to design the outdoor kitchen, entertainment space and dining area for this residential pool project. The pool contractor of the project was Kevin Shipp of Grand Vista Pools. The finished product is absolutely tremendous!

A plan view is a common means of communicating the design intent.

After consulting with the client and receiving their program, we set about developing our interpretation of their vision. First we prepared the plan shown above. From the plan view we generated a 3 dimensional model of what the project would look like. Below are the "Mood Sketches" presented to the client.

Mood Sketch of Outdoor Living Area from the Plan View above. This is an essential tool to provide you with a clear understanding of the design intent for your project.

This is a photo of the finished project.

The following images provided our client with a panoramic view of their vision. Actual photos of the finished product are provided where they closely relate to our sketch.

Our direction to the client was to maintain the architectural integrity of the outdoor living area with the residence in order to achieve a harmonious entity.

This was achieved by using many of the same architectural elements and materials of the residence. In addition, the scale of the elements also match those of the residence.

Photo of Outdoor Fireplace as constructed.

End view of the cabana. The roof of this structure uses the same pitch, roof tiles and treatment of the support columns as the residence.

View from the back of the cabana. The roof tiles, stonework, wood columns, and stucco finish are some of the materials which match the residence down to a tee. 

The exterior columns and beams along the perimeter of the outdoor living area are the support for the pool enclosure, also referred to as a "birdcage" (not shown).

The same color and stucco finish of the residence was applied to the support columns and beams of the pool enclosure.

Mood Sketch of the Outdoor Dining Area.